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Star's 25 Years Limited Warranty

Star's Custom Shutters Inc. warranties your wood shutters for 25 years against defects in materials, manufactures, workmanships, including flaking, cracking, peeling, discoloration and operation. This warranty can be transferable. Warranty does not cover for any alterations, misuses, abuses, accidental damages, re-installations, discoloration overtime and humidity.

Through experience, we advise that all windows and shutters be looked after with gentle care. If you have a problem with accidental damages that is not included within the parameters of our warranty, we offer you a one-time bonus repair, free of charge. All you need to do is bring the damaged shutters with your copy of the invoice to our factory; Star's Custom Shutters will repair it for you free of charge. This is a special bonus feature given to our customers to show our gratitude for being a Star's client.


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